Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Give me a reason to pull off your t-shirt

You totally thought this post was going to be about nudity, didn't you? I agree that would be fun to discuss, but I have way sweeter news. Somehow, in the midst of this craphole economy where the only news of employment has the prefix "un" attached to it ... I got a job. I think I should actually just go ahead and say that I got THE JOB, because I cannot even believe that I landed this gig.

The most insane thing about this position is that they are apparently paying me. In seven years of working, I have been paid minimum wage at best, nothing at worst (see unpaid internship). Oh and sometimes dirty old men tipped me for filling their coffee cups to their liking. Starting tomorrow, I am getting paid to do things that require skill and intellect, and I am so excited/scared that I might vomit at any moment. I also feel like I might fuck it all up by weeping when they hand me a proper paycheck, so I'm bringing my direct deposit information ASAP.

Keep you all posted...


Liz said...

ahhh i am SO PROUD OF YOU! good luck on your first day!

Teresa said...

looooove the stuff white people like reference :)