Saturday, May 31, 2008

"How's everything tasting so far?"

Reason 1,000 why I need to get a real job:

Me: (Blah blah, Flat Top, blah) "My name is Gina and I'll be your server tonight"

Old Man in Cabela's Hunting Hat: (snickers) "Server? Is that what you're all calling yourselves these days?"

Me, laughing uncomfortably: "Right, I guess so. Can I bring you anything to drink?"

OMICHH: "Because in my day, we called you 'waitresses'. Is there something you are going to be doing differently that you get to be called a server?"

Me: "Potato, pot-ah-to. So, would you like a beer? Ice tea?"

OMICHH: "Rasberry ice tea, GINA. And you all can call yourselves anything you god damn please. Doesn't change the fact that you are bringing me food, right?"

Old Man's Wife in Wolf Pack Tee Shirt: "Herb, stop giving her a hard time. She'll think you aren't joking."

Me, knowing that Herb is not joking: "And what can I bring you to drink?"

OMWIWPTS: "SIX DOLLARS FOR A MARGARITA? I'll have a diet. With two limes."


Liz said...

i like the link to the wolf pack tees